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Who We Are

Technology Revealed is an “Apple only” service, support and consulting company located in Milford, CT with satellite offices office in Stamford, CT and NYC. The business was started with a focus on standup training for applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), FileMaker and the base Mac OS which at the time was System 7.

Today, we deliver business-class service for Enterprise and Small-to-Medium businesses to keep workgroups — large and small — operational and productive.

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Our mission is to provide the best Apple support for Enterprise and Small-to-Medium businesses.

We keep your people productive by making your technology run smoothly — including desktop, laptop and server software maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Additionally, Technology Revealed has a large in-house warranty repair center. Technology Revealed offers the following services:

  • Apple Repair
  • Apple Support
  • Apple Service
  • Macintosh Repair
  • Macintosh Support
  • Macintosh Service
  • PowerBook Repair
  • PowerBook Support
  • PowerBook Service
  • MacBook Repair
  • MacBook Support
  • MacBook Service
  • iMac Repair
  • iMac Support
  • iMacService
  • iOS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Where We Do Business

Our core area of service is New Haven and Fairfield Counties in CT and Westchester to NYC in NY. We have clients all over the State of CT and MA along the 91 and 95 Corridor, as well – stretching from Springfield and Holyoke MA to Boston and Rhode Island.


Technology Revealed was started in 1993 in a 2 bedroom apartment in West Haven, CT. We still have the original black table that our PowerBook 150 and HP inkjet printer sat on! Additionally we still have all the books that we started with such as Ted Landua’s Sad Mac’s Bombs and Disaster’s and years and years of the old MacWeek magazines. At that time Compuserve and dial-up modems, which brand new, were on that same black table…It was an exciting time…

Technology Revealed was started out of a lack of high end Macintosh support in the marketplace at that time. TR’s main focus was standup training via numerous Adult Education programs and that exposure then led into the support of the Mac OS with many of the Adult Ed students that needed someone to come to their home or office to help them out. From there it was a one person show for a couple of years until things really took off and TR hired their first Systems Engineer….the rest is history…5 Software Engineers/Repair Techs, numerous Apple Certifications, our own building, etc., etc.

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